Why organic cotton

Babies´ skin is five times thinner than adults´skin and organic cotton is a natural fabric with no chemical treatment and therefore multiple benefits for babies´delicate skin:

. It avoids itching and irritation on baby´s skin.

. It ensures optimum perspiration while keeping the temperature stable.

. It is extremely smooth, convenient and comfortable.

Our cotton is certified organic quality GOTS. The monitoring system GOTS, is based on inspections and certification of processors, manufacturers and marketers made by certification authorities independent and accredited GOTS to provide an assurance of reliable the integrity of textile products.

Also We are Cotton, it stamps all its articles with inks with base waters down, what means that they contain neither formaldehyde, nor fixers of melanin, nor heavy metals, in its place they contain biodegradable resins.

Organic cotton, sustinable and respectful

The organic cotton is cultivated on certified lands free of toxic and all kinds of insecticides and pesticides. This type of agriculture is based on the rotation of crops instead of using artificial fertilizers.

The cultivation of conventional cotton, unlike the organic, uses about 25% of insecticides manufactured in the world and more than 10 per cent of the pesticides. These products not only fight pests of cotton and break the balance of nature in the ground, but also are decimating the populations of beneficial insects and generate great harm to the people who come into contact with them.

The organic cotton helps preserve the environment, prevents skin exposure to toxic substances, it supported the cultivation technics that improve soil fertility and helps improve the health conditions of workers and producers of cotton.