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We are born with the gift of simplicity. Babies discovers the world though the simplest things, the contact with their mother´s skin, the sound of her voice or her smell.

At We Are Cotton we create clothes for babies (0 to 24 months) in search of that natural simplicity with which we are all born. we turn our modern and minimalist designs into pieces of quality, timeless, looking for beauty in simplicity.

Who´s behind We re Cotton?

The soul of We Are Cotton is Virginia Peñuela, fashion designer and tireless searcher of beautiful things. Virginia is a fortunate person: she still retains the gift of simplicity despite the passage of time. That gift makes her have a special sesitivity in everything she creates.

Motherhood was the turning point that led Virginia to end a long career in a multinational company. It was time to consider a new way of doing things. And that´s where We Are Cotton springs, from Virginia´s eagerness to create a project with values, with a new approach: fair, ethical, environmentally friendly and consistent with her way of understanding life.